Letter To Me

by onlywest

Dear Chris,

I cannot imagine how exciting 2012 must have been for you.  You are starting to understand the wisdom that has been imparted to you over the last few years.

The year started as a celebration of the lasts, and the most notable was your last semester in college!  Three years of long nights, boring books, and shuffled pages of horribly written notes came to an end as you walked across the stage with probably your last hangover of that magnitude.  You wouldn’t feel like an adult until after your fabulous trip to Munich, Germany, when the very next day you reported to work as a full-time employee.  Oh, what an adjustment that was.

Your year now turned into a celebration of the firsts.  You now had to report every morning to work by 9am (and sometimes earlier for those long days on the road), but it would take a few months before you mastered the skill of waking up before 8:45.  Your coworkers worried if they had perhaps underestimated your maturity level and commitment  however, you made up for it in work ethic and homemade oatmeal creme cookies.

Your work has taken you across the great Commonwealth and you have seen The Old Dominion like very few have.  Pictures of covered bridges, historical homes, and breathtaking vineyards have filled your phone and kept your friends abreast on social networking.  You took your first trip across the Mississippi and landed in Tuscon, Arizona.  The four hour spur-of-the-moment drive you took seemed like an hour once you saw the sun set on the magnificent Grand Canyon.

You bought your first car and absolutely loved it until you had to make your first payment.  You chauffeured your friends to the hometown concerts of Jason Alden, Rodney Atkins and others all summer long.  Reality didn’t sink in until August, when all of them went back to college and you sat at work staring at your computer monitor.  The adaptation to finding friends who are mature, young professionals may still be taking place, but you have made great progress.

You ended 2012 quietly but are anxious to take on a new year.  A new year of healthy living, cherishing the little things, and building new relationships.  You learned in 2012 that life is all about what you make it, and you are ready to make it count.

All best,